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[mò-da mé-tier] noun

From the Italian for style and the French for skill, expertise and ability, Moda Métiers

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This book presents the story of fashion by examining 45 of the world’s most iconic designers. It explores the entrepreneurial skills and key success factors that have helped form the global fashion industry since the 19th century.



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American designer Claire McCardell
Neri Karra
Posted by Neri Karra
22 July 2021

Claire McCardell (1905-1958): The American Fashion’s Female Entrepreneur

Claire McCardell Before Donna Karan, there was Claire McCardell who paved...

Gen Z
Neri Karra
Posted by Neri Karra
19 July 2021

How to Talk (so Young Consumers Will Listen)

Before the pandemic, fashion analysts claimed that, while Millennials and Gen-Z...