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Bespoke Executive Education

Moda Métiers provides bespoke training for people in established businesses, or those who want to hone additional skills, so they can thrive in any environment.

Q1 — How does education add value to my business?

The current environment in retail, fashion and luxury is as challenging  as ever. We are facing difficult times that require an agile, effective and impactful approach. Neri has personally designed the following courses for companies and individuals in the fashion and luxury industries to meet these challenges.

The courses are based on her personal experience of starting and running a successful fashion brand, combined with the latest business research from her academic studies. Each course will provide practical tools and in-depth insight into how you can become an effective leader in this competitive and increasingly complex world. By understanding your business and responding to your needs, Neri will help take your business to the next level.

Q2 — What do the courses involve?

These nine customised executive training programmes have been developed after a decade of research and experience in the fashion and luxury industry. What makes these programmes unique is that they will be tailored according to your needs or those of your organisation or employees, to allow you to get the results you want. You can mix and match, or decide to sign up for only one course.

The sessions can be held in your office, or over live video calls with you and your team, whatever works best for you to achieve the desired results.

Q3 — Who are these courses for?

Neri has worked with people across the industry, from students, start-ups, designers and entrepreneurs to established fashion businesses, CEOs, senior managers, managing directors, sales and business development managers, and leaders of dynamic ventures. She can help individuals and employees create lasting, positive and measurable change within businesses.

Whatever your needs, Moda Métiers can develop the right course for you.

Learn how to identify market opportunities and build a sustainable, successful business.

Identify the branding, management, resources and tools that are necessary for success.

Understand how to nurture innovation from academic theory and practical experience.

Uncover key ways to build stronger business strategies and enhance supply and distribution channels.

Navigate the unique challenges that come with a family-owned business through real-life case studies.

Build and manage a company that can withstand present or future market challenges.

Learn how to start a new company with game-changing and impactful ideas.

Develop a unique culture around your company that resonates with customers.

Develop a sustainable and ethical business that goes beyond trends.

Developing a competitive advantage

Want to stand out from the crowd? In the highly saturated industry of fashion, luxury and design, strategy development is the key to building and managing a successful company.

This programme is designed to provide you with the skill, knowledge and know-how to identify opportunities and build a sustainable, competitive advantage in the marketplace. The programme will consist of two intensive days, and will be led by Neri, as well as a team of experts and guest speakers in the field of corporate strategy and business, to help turn ideas into actions.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Evaluate and analyse the competition
  • Identify sources of competitive advantage
  • Choose your competitive position and differentiate yourself in the marketplace
  • Understand how to create value for customers to set you apart from your competitors
  • Discover the resources and capabilities that are necessary for the success of the business
  • Improve strategic thinking with state-of-the-art business models and initiatives
  • Sharpen insight and skills to achieve profitable growth for your business
  • Apply practical tools to execute strategies
  • Sustain your competitive advantage

“Highly relevant and interesting from the point of view of next steps as a luxury fashion designer and business owner. Amazing how much I learnt in two days, and how much I have been able to implement straight away”

A. B., Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur

Strategic Luxury Brand Management

Success in business management requires learning, so you’ve come to the right place. This intensive one or two-day programme will introduce you to the unique profile of luxury brands, and equip you with the skills and capabilities that are essential to run one successfully.

Participants will be introduced to branding, management and consumer trends, and identify the resources and tools necessary for luxury brand management. By analysing key concepts within strategic management, this course will yield an in-depth understanding of how to develop and design a sustainable business model, while also generating and delivering outstanding value to your customers.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Understand key challenges and dynamics of luxury business
  • Assess key capabilities and resources of successful luxury brands
  • Understand and build the essence of a luxury brand and a brand DNA
  • Identify the luxury consumer and their purchasing habits
  • Discuss different models of luxury brand development
  • Identify different marketing strategies and the role of technologies and social media for luxury brand management
  • Identify and assess the distribution and supply chain of a luxury brand

“This is an excellent programme – very relevant to people in luxury. I strongly recommend it to those who want to rise to the top. I am amazed at the guest speakers who attended.””

A.A., Chief Marketing Officer

Managing Creativity

Not all business owners are creative, and not all creatives are business-minded. But there is a way to be both. Learn how to manage creativity and innovation from a course that draws on rich academic theory from leading professors, as well as the practical experience of guest speakers, such as CEOs of fashion brands.

This specialist one-day course provides insights on topics such as: sourcing creative talent, managing creative talent, developing constructive creative conflict, and establishing productive dialogue between designers and the management team.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Use relevant creativity theory, motivation theory and psychology to identify what makes creative people unique
  • Work with and manage creatives inside and outside your company
  • Apply creativity and team theory to fashion, luxury and design
  • Manage the relationship between creatives and managers
  • Attract and retain creative and innovative talent
  • Build an innovative organisation that nurtures creativity

“Super insightful. I never imagined one could learn how to manage talent, but this course put things into perspective for me. It will be amazingly useful going forward with my fashion business, and will also help me to source talent and then to manage it”

H. F., Fashion Designer and Owner

Building Business in New Markets

You want your business to grow, but where do you start? This unique executive education course focuses on helping companies expand their supply and distribution channels and build stronger business strategies.

Neri teaches participants the tools that are needed to execute a winning strategy in new markets, overcome operational difficulties, and establish a strong and sustainable supply and distribution chain – all of which are necessary for the success of a company.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Evaluate opportunities in specific markets according to their company’s capabilities and resources
  • Assess how to enter new markets
  • Understand how to design or modify service and/or product offerings according to market segments
  • Recognise institutional gaps in each market and evaluate how to bridge these gaps using your company’s resources
  • Understand how to compete with other players in the market by building new capabilities or establishing new partnerships in new markets

The Future of Family Business

Families have their own unique challenges – bring a family into business and it can get even more complicated. This one-day executive education course is designed to address your specific family business issues, and to equip you with the necessary tools and skills to deal most effectively with these challenges.

With rigorous learning through practical workshops (based on the latest research), this course looks at topics including: succession, hiring and incorporating non-family members, sourcing skilled employees, managing effective family relationships within the business, representing your brand according to your family values, and ensuring family tradition is reflected in the changing world of fashion and luxury. We will use real-life case studies to learn lessons that you can apply to your own family business situation. Strict confidentiality will be maintained, and all participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Understand the challenges and dynamics of family businesses
  • Gain insights into the psychological dynamics of family leadership, business management, and family and business governance structures and processes
  • Improve your personal communication skills
  • Enhance dialogue within your family team
  • Adopt fairer decision-making processes
  • Develop a concrete action plan for career planning, talent development, family meetings, family agreements and governance
  • Learn to manage conflict, complex family structures, diverse personalities and difficult relationships
  • Master a range of powerful family business tools

“This was really excellent! Made me ask the tough questions about my own family business. I also really enjoyed meeting other family business owners, and comparing notes with them.”

L C., Business Development Manager

“Eye opening. I am an employee in a family business, and this was highly insightful for me. The case studies were extremely useful. Highly recommend to anyone who has a family business, or works for one.”

P. H., HR Manager

Building Business Resilience

How can your business survive a pandemic, an economic downturn or political change? Whether it is a challenge that arises from your macro-environment or your internal environment, you need to have a resilient business in order to withstand present or future challenges. This is an intense one-day course designed to address the challenges that businesses face in an ever-changing, disruptive environment.

Neri developed the course from her own experience creating a business that is resilient to currency devaluations, economic crises and unstable environments. Using this practical foundation of experience, alongside case studies and research, learn how to create a business that stands the test of time.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Understand resilience in business, and what you need to do in order to create a business that withstands the challenges
  • Analyse the resources and capabilities of your business
  • Analyse your organisation’s fundamental strength and the implications of hyper-competition
  • Learn to create and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Develop a leap strategy for your business
  • Create a model of resilience
  • Predict potential pitfalls and learn how to avoid these

Fashion Entrepreneurship : Sustainable New Ventures

Whether you start your own brand, or invest in another, embracing entrepreneurship is a fulfilling journey. However, starting and building a fashion and luxury venture is not easy. The industry is highly competitive and faces unique challenges.

This course is based on Neri’s personal experience of building and managing her own fashion business, as well as real-life case studies and Neri’s extensive research into fashion entrepreneurship. From learning how to develop game-changing ideas and recruiting the right team, to identifying and engaging with investors, you will master every step of the entrepreneurial journey to success. By the end of the programme you will have the essential skills, concepts and actions you need to build a successful new business.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Understand how fashion and luxury brands are built
  • Understand the fashion entrepreneurship model
  • Explore different fashion business models
  • Know when to grow and when to scale back
  • Learn how to think like a fashion entrepreneur
  • Understand what makes a successful fashion entrepreneur
  • Learn to navigate terms and processes needed to manage a fashion business
  • Identify your competitive advantage
  • Create and develop your business plan
  • Learn how to attract and build a great team to drive your venture
  • Build and transform your networking skills to interact effectively and confidently with investors and partners
  • Discover how to organise, scale and grow your ventures
  • Gain the knowledge to sell your idea effectively through pitching

Iconic Brand Creation

Think of a brand that is so valued by its customers that they are willing to tattoo its name on their bodies, or a brand name that evokes togetherness, gathering and family. Some of the most impactful companies become more than just brand names, they transform into iconic symbols that resonate powerfully with consumers.

In this executive education class, we explore what creates a powerful iconic brand. The programme will outline a distinctive set of ‘cultural branding’ principles that will radically alter how you approach everything, from strategy to building teams to communication. You will be able to leverage the principles behind some of the most successful companies of the last half-century to build your own iconic brand and develop an action sheet and business model to support your new brand.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Learn how to build a strong brand identity
  • Understand how to create a superior brand experience
  • Build and manage lasting brand loyalty
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Sustain its differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Maximise its impact and profitability

Sustainability, Ethics & CSR

Being a sustainable and ethical company is no longer just a trend; it’s a necessity for how a business should operate. In a world that is rapidly changing, and in an industry that has struggled with its impact on the environment, it is essential for fashion and luxury brands to understand the complexities of sustainability, ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). This course shows how these can be incorporated and become part of your business strategy.

We will examine how a business can be both responsible and competitive at the same time. You’ll learn how to create shared value for all the stakeholders in a business, from your customers to your employees and the executive management. The programme will teach you how to create superior, sustainable, and profitable products and services.

Learning Goals and Objectives

  • Explore how producing a superior product and/or service generates financial growth
  • Understand how to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Learn how principles of social responsibility can be used to identify and sustain a competitive advantage
  • Evaluate the decision-making process and explore how to balance outcomes across all shareholders
  • Learn from teaching that blends case studies, theory and real-life examples

Please note that all these consultancy packages can be personalised, adapted and priced to suit your needs. For free and low-cost learning materials, please see our resources page to discover books and talks by Neri, online courses and other resources. If you’d like to learn more about how you can boost your business with Moda Metiers, please leave us a message.