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Meet the Founder :
Dr Neri Karra

“If you see a white butterfly, it’s good luck.
It means your whole summer will be beautiful.”

Aged 11, Neri remembered her grandfather’s words as she arrived in Turkey: “If you see a white butterfly, it’s good luck. It means your whole summer will be beautiful.” With just two suitcases to their name, Neri and her parents had become Bulgarian refugees. Few opportunities were available to them, but they worked hard to build a new life. Soon Neri began to realise that education was the only way out. Through education she could learn new skills, learn to run a business, and learn how to support her family. It would be a hard journey…
…but every so often, Neri would see a white butterfly.

And so, after years of diligent study, Neri was awarded a place at the University of Miami. Aged 22, she returned home to launch her own high-end fashion and accessories company – without any outside investment. What started off as a mission to create and promote handmade, authentic and beautiful products, grew into a global leather goods brand and has become a major manufacturer to some of the biggest labels in luxury. Most importantly, the family-owned enterprise has stayed connected to Neri’s values of integrity and craftsmanship.

But still Neri has not stopped learning. She has completed a PhD in entrepreneurship at Cambridge University; authored two books and numerous research papers; lectured at leading educational institutions; and is currently Professor of Practice in Strategy at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris and Entrepreneurship Expert at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. 


Neri believes in inspiring and empowering others through education in the same way she was inspired. As both an entrepreneur and academic, Neri has the rare combination of bringing theory and practice together to help others achieve success in business. Through extensive academic research, 15 years of teaching and her own pioneering expertise within the fashion industry, Neri educates and motivates people across the creative and commercial spheres.

As the pace of industry change accelerates, having this practical and theoretical insight is increasingly important. Through Moda Métiers, Neri can open doors to help you understand and change the way you think and see things, leaving you with a renewed vision for yourself and your company.

And the emblem of the butterfly is at the heart of the business: a reminder that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. You might just need a little inspiration to set you on your way.



PhD in Management Sciences, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration

Academic Professor and Visiting Lecturer ​